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Belgrade finest wine list.

Ever since, the wine is known as the elixir. The man of antiquity deeply believed in the miraculous effect and the divine origin of wine. The anticipation of ancient scholars was thebest described in sentence of the Roman writer Plutarch, who wrote that wine “is the most useful of all drinks, the most cordial of all medicines, and of all the foods most pleasant” . Our impeccable wine list is a homage to regional world wine production. More than 200 labels are waiting for you so let our wines to become your wines.
Vino - Srbija


Tamjanika 2017 | Budimir

Thanks to the specific flavor dominated by floral aromas, Budimir displays this autochthonous variety in a unique way.


Chardonnay Classique 2017 | Radovanović

Fresh Chardonnay with a long finish, in which the mineral character is emphasized.


Trijumf Gold 2017 | Aleksandrović

Trijumf gold represents a choice of three varieties of S. Blan, P. Blanc and Riesling, and is characterized by a great balance of fresh acids and rich aromas.


Dušica 2015 | Matalj

Matal’s rose is made entirely from Gamay variety, it is very fresh and the fruit dominates in the finish.


Kardaš 2012 | Aleksić

Cabernet Sauvignon from Aleksić winery is distinguished by a great harmony between rich varietal aromas, tannins and a full body.


Tri Morave Crveno 2016 | Temet

The autochthonous variety Prokupac was presented in the best edition, thanks to a good balance of alcohol, tannins and acids.


Aurelius S Edition 2014 | Kovačević

Bordeaux bathing (Merlot / C. Sauvignon) was made in Serbian way, with a good balance of aromas and strong tannins.



Sancerre Les Baronnes 2015 | Herny Bourgeois

For years, Henry Bourgeois wins are awarded worldwide, it is authentic and greatly shows the power of its terroir.


Riesling 2016 | Hugel

One of the most famous wines from the Algerian Hugel family is Riesling. It fits nicely with fish and all seafood.


Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru 2014 | Louis Latour

Corton Charlemagne (the most famous hill of Burgundy) gives the best Chardonnay wine with a potential of storage of about 20 years.


Chateau Neuf du Pape 2014 | Chateau Gigognan

Balanced, strong wine with unobtrusive aromas of red fruits.


Chateau Giscours Margaux 2013

Chateau Giscours is very much appreciated in the wine world, and Robert Parker estimated this wine in 2010 with 93/100 points.


Cremant de Bourgogne | Louis Bouillot

The Louis Bouillot winery produces exclusively sparkling wines, which in no way lag behind those produced in Champagne.


Moet Chandon

Persistent quality and unique production techniques have made Moet & Chandon one of the best sparkling wines of the world.


Vino - Italija


Soave Reserva 2014 | Villa Canestrari

The right choice for all lovers of Italian wines, especially for those who value ancient Italian varieties as Garganega.


Gavi di Gavi 2015 | Toledana

Due to their freshness and mineraliness, wines from Gavi often equate to the famous Burgundy wines.


Prosecco | Masottina

Prosecco Masottina is excellent as an aperitif, but also as a companion of extra-quality fish and seafood specialties.


Brunello di Montalchino 2012 | Casanova di Neri

The rich and lavish wine of Casanova di Neri winery, which has won 100/100 points.


Chianti Classico 2013 | Tenuta Sant'Alfonso

Chianti Classico Tenuta Sant’Alfonso is one of the best known Italian wines and one of the greatest sangiovese varieties.


Amarone della Valpolicella 2003 | Gerardo Cesari

Luxurious wine dominated by pleasant acids, tannins and aromas of plums, tobacco, red fruits and wood.


Primitivo di Manduria 2016 | San Marzano Talo

Primitivo di Manduria has a unique and recognizable structure, long finish and pleasant notes of cocoa and vanilla.



Viognier 2013 | Vallegarcia Castilla

A surprisingly elegant wine with subtle aromas of exotic fruit and completely different from French Viognier.


Ribera del Duero 2014 | Valduero

A real delicacy for all true fans of Spanish red wines who understand and appreciate the complex aromatic of this wine.


Ribera Gran Reserva 1999 | Valduero

Intensive wine with still very pleasant and compact tannins, regardless of the fact that it is 20 years old.


Crianza Cepa 2014 | Gavilan

Very intense wine with great aromas and tannins, Tempranillo is presented here at its best.


Casa Cisca 2012 | Bodegas Castano

Wine of glossy structure and pleasant tannins with very good balance between fruit and spicy aromas.


Mira Salinas 2010

Wine critics have repeatedly rewarded this wine that has been made from four different varieties of grapes.


Finca Villacreces 2009

The magnificent mixture of three varieties (Merlot, C. Sauvignon and Tempranillo) is an excellent representative of the famous region Ribera del Duero.


Vino - Španija
Vino - Novi svet

new world

Broken Fishplate Adelaide Hills 2013 | Australia

A very specific wine that will surely delight the lovers of the new wine world, especially the Sauvignon blanc.


Black Label S. blanc Babich 2012 | New Zealand

A true representative of the S. Blanc variety from New Zealand. For real pleasure, we recommend seafood matching.


Black Label P. gris Babich 2012 | New Zealand

Fresh wine, rich textures with persistent but unobtrusive floral and fruity aromas.


Carnivor C. sauvignon 2012 | California

Strong and robust Californian C. Sauvignon, dominated by aromas of black fruit and American oak.


Lfe 900 2011 | Chile

Fruity, fresh and very pleasant Chilean red wine that has a good balance between soft tannins and acids.


Cheval des Andes 2003 | Argentina

A very famous and valued Argentinian wine in which power and elegance are brought into balance to perfection.


Marlborough P. noir Babich 2009 | New Zealand

Elegant wine of pleasant tannin structure and dosed aromas of red and black fruits, oak and cedar.


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