What do you expect from
a top restaurant ?

Twenty years
of top service

How many Belgrade restaurants have managed to impress you?

Do you believe that there is a place in Belgrade that can satisfy all your aesthetic criteria? Žabar is certainly such a place. Our restaurant is a starting point for the Belgrade restaurant scene and later it becomes a criterion for a magnificent hedonistic experience. Beginning with the presentation of the meal, framed by the top service in combination with the tasty dishes, the experience of enjoying has a new form. Žabar is the home of our inspirations, a symbol of our values ​​and everything we believe in.

Our job is to make you feel like at home, surrounded by close people. In our word, hedonism gets a new dimension. We are ready to listen to all your wishes, so only your inventiveness is limit in the game with spices and flavors. With us you can change every dish and adjust your affinities. The synonym of our restaurant and what we are recognizable is kindness in its most natural form.

professional love

For someone, it is a business.
For us, it is a playground.

Whenever you need something unique and different, a place of special energy and rhythm, you can find this uniqueness on Zabar. What differentiates us at the Belgrade restaurant scene is commitment. Our restaurant has crossed knowledge, skills and love. We have all composed this with the desire to always make you happy.

Many dishes are our unique creation, and what we guarantee to you is that every meal is spicy and thoughtful with joy.

world known wines for true wine lovers

A top-notch meal must be complemented by fine wines

From the first civilizations, wine is part of human culture and customs. In the ancient world, wine was an integral part of everyday feast. No doubt we have a unique and impressive wine card.

We know that good wine is the best companion of specialties. Because your smile is our goal.

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Imressions of our guests

Group dining

For your family,
friends and associates

We know how it is important for you to celebrate your most joyful moments in the most beautiful way possible. We think that life should be celebrated every day, and each of us has our own personal holidays. Because what makes our successes and joys and what is specific to our own history is what makes the essence of our existence.

For you and your friends or associates, we have two dining rooms with a capacity for 15 and 30 people.

Whether it’s a family celebration on the occasion of an anniversary, birthday, intimate wedding celebration or the business success of your company, we are completely creating the menu according to your needs. In accordance with your wishes, we can make a unique menu tailored to your vision. Only for you and your special moments.

Close Menu

We are currently closed.

Our dear ones, as we work to improve the level of our services on a daily basis, we have decided to rearrange Žabar a little. We hope you won’t mind us not being able to serve you in the next few days. We will keep you updated in a timely manner. See you soon!